Travel To Morocco Post Coronavirus (COVID-19) – What You Should Know!

Travel to Morocco post-Coronavirus seems so impossible at the moment. As we are all aware the world is facing a health crisis, the unfortunate outbreak has been going for months now, hampering the world economy, and the well-being of every human on the planet. People all around the world are seeking for aid including companies and nations worldwide. 

We pray for the well-being of people all around the world, as well as those who lost their loved ones amid this pandemic. 

We are also contemplating traveling post the COVID-19 pandemic, how is it going to change after the outbreak is over? how is the situation currently developing and what can we expect in the future? Humanity has never dealt with a situation in this global scale. We have been traveling for years now, but we never ever came across situations like this in our lifetime. 

Travel to Morocco post-Coronavirus

As a traveller or a digital nomad, you might be wondering about our country, Morocco. In this post, we will update you on the COVID-19 situation in Morocco and what should be considered if you’re thinking of traveling to Morocco once this crisis is over. All of the information in this article is based on today’s date, 25th April, 2020 – We recommend updating your knowledge regularly as the situation develops. 

Facts About Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Morocco:

According to WHO, COVID-19 is a flu-like respiratory illness. It is highly contagious, and this is the reason behind its massive outbreak. Although it spreads through droplets, so it is highly advised to stay at least 2 meters away from others. On the other hand, this virus settles down on surfaces, and thus, personal hygiene habits are highly recommended. 

There have been 3,889 cases of Coronavirus recorded in Morocco preceding April 24th 2020. Four hundred ninety-eight of which have recovered and 159 casualties since the outbreak. Moreover, this widespread disease has killed more than 200k people all over the world and infected over 2.5 million.

Update: As of today, June 29th, there has been 12,052 cases recorded, 8,740 of which have recovered and 221 casualties. 

“On June 11, shops, local commerce, and industries reopened, although a state of emergency will continue through July 10. Domestic flights can resume on June 25.” according to Business Insider. However, the country extended the lockdown until July 10th. 

Morocco is among the 14 countries that the E.U have opened its borders to starting from July 1st. However, we will have to hear from the Moroccan government and what they have to say regarding international travel.  

Our primary concern right now is safety and following strict travel protocol together with our partners and suppliers. We are doing our best researching and finding new and safe travel in Morocco with minimal contact. We are also partnering with companies and suppliers that are implementing hygiene and sterilization measures.

As much as affected we are with this crisis; we are also trying to find the beauty and the wilderness of remote Morocco. That’s where most of our travellers will prefer to discover post the covid-19 crisis. 

Here is a word from the WHO representative on the exceptional Morocco preparedness during the outbreak. We must keep in mind that the prevention measures are crucial to Morocco’s fight against the virus.

To prevent the spread of this virus, the Moroccan government has taken swift and rigid measures. You can read more in-depth here

For the safety of travellers and citizens, the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism has ordered for cancellation of international flights for the whole month of March and April. The country’s official airline, Royal Air Maroc, has suspended all its regional and international flights until further notice. This makes us think – what’s Travel to Morocco post-Coronavirus going to look like?

Nonetheless, Morocco is a hot touristic destination, and a percentage of its National GDP relies heavily on tourism. So, we can understand that not only people are being harmed by the deadly virus, even the country’s economy is facing hard times. 

The government of Morocco is under lockdown officially until May 20th. The kingdom has closed its borders, schools, universities, cafes, restaurants, all shops and malls, except grocery shops. Sporting, cultural and artistic events have been postponed until further notice—all mosques, churches and synagogues and other places of worship have been closed, the mosques still call to prayer every day but do not allow any worshipers in their premises.  

Travel to Morocco Post-Coronavirus can only be imagined at this point, it will all depend on how people, governments and international organisations react and manage the current pandemic. However, we can foresee a change of habits and prevention measures taken by airlines, airports and travel agencies. Most importantly, we have to stay aware of our health and informed of all the steps to take to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Travel Restrictions & Measures Amidst COVID-19 in Morocco:

If you MUST travel soon, please follow the recommendations of The World Health Organizations (WHO), you can find information on destinations and travel restrictions, as well as post-travel home country measures.

Most importantly, you have to focus on how to protect yourself from getting infected and infecting others. We recommend checking the website of the public health authority of the country you plan on visiting. For example, the CDC in the U.S offers travel advice with a detailed country-by-country fact map. Morocco is currently (April 24th) marked under the “Widespread, ongoing transmission without restrictions on entry to the United States”.

I Have Already Booked My Flight to Morocco – What Should I Do?

We recommend to stay up to date with the new status of your flight directly from your airline. There might be changes at short notice as the situation is changing rapidly.

Flights to many European countries have been cancelled, including from/to China, U.S and Italy. However, if you are concerned about your trip to Morocco, then I would suggest to contact your airline or your travel agent. They will have the exact news for you. 

If you’ve booked hotels directly, please note that most hotels in Morocco should have updated their T&C, if they don’t have any update, I recommend you reach out to them directly via email.

PS: Most hotels and service providers have no obligations to refund the money that you have paid in advance due to force majeure. However, you may be able to use credits for your next booking. We would also recommend to check with your travel insurance for further information. 

stayhome Travel to Morocco post-Coronavirus covid19 plane hand

Some Good News: Wuhan’s China reported no COVID-19 deaths for ten days, and the situation is slowly improving all over the world.

There is no vaccine against Coronavirus available in the market at the moment; however, two days ago, there has been a successful trial of a promising vaccine in China.

Prevention is better than cure“. WHO has recommended the following precautions for avoiding COVID-19 – If we follow these guidelines, perhaps then Travel to Morocco post-Coronavirus may be possible. 

  • Wash your hands with soap regularly. If you are out of home and you find no water then use an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Avoid large gatherings and even advise your loved ones to do the same.
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet with anyone who has the symptoms mentioned above.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth if your hands are not clean.
  • Develop the habit of using tissue while coughing or sneezing.
  • Do not share your glass, dishes and household items with anyone.
  • Clean and disinfect the surfaces that you often touch.
  • Work from home 
  • Use private transportation, if necessary. 
hand sanitizer clean hands Travel to Morocco post-Coronavirus covid19 hands soap

Final words… 

Coronavirus is not just a danger to the country but also the whole human race. It is a battle that we have to fight together. If situations turn in our favour, we can travel to the unexplored off the beaten paths we’ve always dreamed of, and get lost in the medina alleyways one more time. 

In the meantime, as many among you, we are also working from home. However, virtually, we’re taking all of the requests and turning them into dream journeys, a day to day itinerary of the trip you plan to take with us in Morocco, once the situation gets back to normal. Schedule a call with us from Marrakesh and allow us to take you on your Moroccan dream, in other words, let’s have a chat and put together an itinerary, once the situation gets back to normal, you’ll be all set. 

If you’ve already reached out to us before the lockdown, give us a shout and let us know how you’re getting along at home, this would be a great time to plan your next trip to Morocco with no rush, and down to the little details. 

We promise to welcome you soon again when the world returns into a state of ease. Always remember that the roads, souqs, towns, food stalls and the beautiful deserts of Morocco are waiting for your arrival. 

Stay safe, stay healthy! 

Travel to Morocco post-Coronavirus
Enjoy these amazing lockdown photos of Marrakesh by Guillaume Creste, thank you for sharing these with us!

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