Private Driver in Morocco – Should You Hire One or Drive yourself?

  So, you’ve finally decided to come to Morocco? Let me guess, your independent travel spirit tells you to plan everything by yourself, but then again, you don’t wanna be driving during your holiday with all the stress of the Moroccan traffic, and would rather hire a private driver in Morocco? Bikes, donkeys, horses, camels and people on the road can be little too much to handle, I got to admit!I always admire those who love to plan their own trips, they inspired me to travel the world, and truly indulge myself in the culture of the country I’m visiting. I’v always heard the most amazing travel stories from them! I was traveling in and around Morocco, and spent weeks on the road, I will tell you all about it in the next articles. For now, I wanna help you make yours come true.

 Drive myself or hire a private driver in Morocco?

I’ve had the most amazing time with a group of friends driving through remote beaches, dunes, national parks, and secret spots around the country. We were so pleased to have a driver in Morocco with us, that knows the country roads by heart.  We saved all of our mighty energies to explore, hike the mountains, visit the hotspots and stop whenever we want to take pictures, and have little picnics in the most beautiful sunsets of the Moroccan country side.  None of these things would have been possible if we chose to go on public transport, or hire a car and drive ourselves. 

However to be honest, I’m an adrenaline junky. I love cars, bikes and all sort of vehicles that give me that rush of driving unknown roads. I’ve drove through many countries, my favorite highlights was driving a bike in Bali, Indonesia as well as 7 other islands. Oh, and not to forget the famous Route 66 across major U.S states.Moreover, the highlight of this year was driving touring bikes with a group of amazing guys from Australia, New Zealand and U.K for more than 3000 Kms / approx 1900 miles across Morocco. 

We went everywhere around the country for two weeks. I have to admit, it was one of the best road trips of my life. More about that in the next articles!

Now, driving yourself in the country can be challenging if you have some divine patience and well, incredible focus. Here is a video from Kyle Kramer, an American traveler who decided to rent a car and drive in Morocco for the first time by himself.

Main question you need to ask yourself is, what kind of holiday you want to have?

 Do you want to opt for a curated trip that you plan by yourself? In addition, would you prefer to tell one of our travel curators where to go, and ask for advice, rather than book one of those thousand travel packages available online? Perhaps you want to escape those holidays filled bunch of tourists you’d rather not hangout with, after all, you want this trip to be the most magical trip you planned this year. If you think this way, then, a private driver in Morocco is a must!Now, all you need to ask yourself; do you want to drive and cruise along the country roads or hire a private driver in Morocco to make sure you have energy and time to enjoy your holiday?

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Don’t worry, we will be here to guide you and make sure your itinerary is doable. Firstly, we know the Moroccan roads by heart and secondly, we will be here to show you the best routes to take, and destinations to stop by based on your travel checklist. After all, this is YOUR holiday!So, did you make up your mind? Does hiring a BMW F 700 GS sound like fun? or perhaps you would rather leave it until next time and book a private driver in Morocco? to sum it all up, just let us know and we’ll take care of the logistics!

Our English speaking private driver in Morocco will be ready to pick you up at the airport, with a big smile, holding a sign with your name at the arrival’s gate, and before long, help you with your luggage to your private vehicle.

Now you’re probably quite curious what kind of cars you’ll be traveling with, it’s Africa! Rest assured, firstly, all of our vehicles are +2017 air conditioned models, and most importantly would fit all of you comfortably. Our domaine includes SUVs and mini vans that can take from 6 to 17 people comfortably.

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 So, you’ve decided to travel with your best friends? family or group of colleagues from office? No worries, we know road trips are way more fun when everyone’s in the same car!

For those who appreciate to cruise in luxury, our 2018+ air conditioned executive Mercedes mini vans will surely pick you up in style.

What’s the next step? easy! Firstly, fill up the easy form here and let us know as much details about your travel plans, and we’ll get back to you before you know it with availability, and top tips to make your journey one to remember.

Are you thinking to skip driving yourself and just call for taxis whenever you need one. Check our article here on Taxis and Private Transportation in Morocco.

Need to stay connected on your 4G smartphone while on your roadtrip in Morocco? Get a SkyRoam, more about staying online in Morocco here.

Curious of what kind of road trips you could have with us in Morocco? check Tom’s Immersive Journey across the country.  And find out why he decided to visit Morocco! Follow us oninstagram to see our 3000 kms bike tour. Check our journey with Roque & Soul  and find out how we inspired them to start a kitten funding campaign for the cats of Essaouira with the help of a small local dedicated team. Do you have a question you would like to drop us regarding driving in Morocco or any other requests? send us a message on WhatsApp and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Would you like to book a Mercedes Vito with an English speaking driver? Please fill up the easy form, and we’ll get back to you immediately. 

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