Morocco Travel Ideas : How To Get The Best Out Of Morocco in one week.

We want to share some of our best Morocco travel ideas.

Let’s say you have one week and you want to see it all – Firstly, the mountains, secondly, the deserts, thirdly, the beaches, the cities, the lakes, the fields… the list goes on and on!

Wait a minute, Morocco has all of that?! Well, yes it does – and even some more, Morocco always surprises us!

So, what’s the best way to see everything and make sure you didn’t miss out?

Firstly, here’s a little standard itinerary we like to throw together for our nomads, who are tight for time but not on adventure 😉
  1. Day One: Arrive in Casablanca, Check In To A Hotel, Do A Day Tour
  2.  Head To Your Marrakech Riad, explore the city
  3.  Travel To The Desert, Stopping Off At Dades Valley
  4.  Hop on to Merzouga For A Night Under The Stars
  5.  Back To Marrakech Just In Time For Dinner
  6.  Take A Day Trip To Essaouira And Try Some Of The Local Fish
  7.  Have Your Last Msemen, It’s Time To Go Home

Obviously, It’s jam-packed but, if you want to see it all, you’ve got to do it all! In some of this Morocco travel ideas, we’ve laid out cities, beaches, deserts, fields and lakes (well, kinda – they’re clearly more gorges really!)

Besides, seven days is not nearly enough time in Morocco. What about Fez? Tangier? Oukaimeden and Dahkla?

Well, guess you’ll just have to save those places for next time 😉

See you in the dunes!

So, curious of what kind of what other Morocco travel ideas we have? check Tom’s Immersive Journey across the country.  And find out why he decided to visit Morocco!  Follow us oninstagram to see our 3000 kms bike tour.

Discover our journey with Roque & Soul  and find out how we inspired them to start a kitten funding campaign for the cats of Essaouira with the help of a small local dedicated team.

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Similarly, are you interested to plan you own itinerary with our help? We can supply you with transport and suggest some handpicked boutique hotels and Riads? Do you have some Morocco travel ideas you would like to share with us, let us know! 

Fill up the easy form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, in the meantime, we’ll send you our Marrakech insider’s guide to allow you to navigate the city at ease.

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