Biking in Morocco – 10 Tips for Motorcyclists Planning to Ride in Morocco

Biking in Morocco is often compared to being in an open playground for motorcycles. The scenery is stunning, the abundant off the beaten paths and the diverse tracks available make it a bikers wonderland. With so many untouched off-road and on-road opportunities, Morocco is definitely a destination that will challenge you as a motorcyclist and offer you a one of a kind adventure.

With over 1 million kilometres of biking around the world, from the U.S, Europe to south-east Asia, Daniel, a stunt biker and committed bike fanatic, he has been on the road since he got his first mountain bike when he was 15 years old. He never left the wheels since. Today, he’s been working as a professional stunt biker for movie scenes in Morocco and leading bike tours in the country for more than four years. 

“From my top 10 rides, one of the best tracks I’ve driven over 25 years. When it comes to street legal biking, I have more than 24 years of riding on two wheels. And so living in Morocco for almost four years and taken groups touring around Morocco with motorcycles. I know for sure that the most beautiful roads and tracks I’ve experienced were here in Morocco, this is the main reason I made this beautiful country my home.”

I’ve discovered some of the most beautiful tarmac roads while Riding in Morocco. Morocco is one of the only places around the world where you can ride on the tarmac for a whole full day. The tarmac has a perfect grip. It almost seems as tho artists created the road specifically for motorcyclists.

I like to think of Morocco as a country designed specifically for riding. Usually, I go on week-long road trips. On every 20 kilometres, you will see a different playground designed by an artist for bikers to enjoy their wheels and grow their experience as riders. You will be surprised of how much off-road opportunities there are, and you will notice the scenery changing drastically from north to south and so there is no way you will be bored at any point throughout your journey riding motorcycles in Morocco.

Morocco is an off-road country, once you’re on a motorcycle, the impressions you have on tarmac multiply by a hundred because it’s an open road, you’re allowed to drive anywhere, you find gravel tracks on every corner, whether, you’re an adventurist or a professional. You seriously cannot drive the whole country, even if you spend your entire lifetime.

The roads here are for everyone, for amateurs, beginners or pros, all levels of trails can be found. Your level of experience will be raised slowly, and so during a week, you will be testing your limits and growing your experience as a rider biking in Morocco. A beginner and a pro will be on the same road, and they can both have a great time because the road-playground is so diverse.

What makes Morocco so exceptional is the Moroccans, they love bikers, contrary to Europe and the U.S where all elders are against bikers! Here in Morocco, they will wave at you, and the kids will try to follow you and cheer you. Morocco is definitely a bucket-list country for motorcyclists. If you’ve been reading this, you’re probably interested in coming to ride here, know for sure that you will enjoy it fully and will be coming back for more.

A European, Canadian or U.S rider back home will have a destination on his GPS and will go to find the tracks that will be perfect for riding a 100 kilometres trail tops. Biking here in Morocco, you are always on great tracks, and you’re riding off the beaten path along the whole trip, all day every day, you will find yourself alone along these roads and experiencing the country fully.

When my friends or clients ask me what is the hardest thing to know when riding in Morocco. I always answer: The hardest thing is to coordinate stops to take pictures. Because everywhere we go we find even better spots to take pictures, so don’t be surprised if you find thousands of picture-worthy places. We wish we could stop in all of them and take in the beauty of this country; however, we have to sometimes keep in mind that we’re here to ride.

Now, let’s cut to the chase; here are out 10 Tips for Bikers planning a road trip in Morocco: 

  1. Get proper riding gear which excludes everything that is in fashion (no vintage boots or anything fancy looking) safety matters. So pick up the number one gear you can find to protect yourself when biking here in Morocco. 

2. Know your limits, and stay away from them. If you’re planning to ride alone, mainly off-road, make sure you are well prepared. Get on an off-road training back home, if you’re a beginner and you’re planning to join a pro group, understand that Morocco is remote, it’s wild, and the emergencies are not the same as back home. So please, know where you stand. 

3. The bike of choice: Adventure bike, or a “street” Enduro bike. Forget about sportbikes, choppers or Harleys because you’re not going to be on highways. If you want to see the beautiful wild Morocco we’re talking about, get a proper bike you can rely on off-road. Let us know if you’re coming and we’ll send you suggestions of what bikes to book depending on your experience. 

4. Do not ride in the night no matter the circumstances. You can easily find vehicles without lights, people on the street without any flashing gear. If you don’t know where you are going, it’s dangerous. As the roads are not 100% in good shape and things can go wrong in bad visibility. So, avoid the nights and rise early mornings. 

5. If you’re riding in Morocco the first time, stay off the dunes. The Sahara is not Disney land fantasy, it’s wilderness. And so if you’re riding alone and something happens, you’re likely to find anyone to help. As much as it’s compelling to ride, the desert is an aggressive place; sand storm, rain, the temperature drops below zero at night, don’t risk going there alone, go in a group or don’t go there at all. There are plenty of other adventurous paths you can take in other parts of the country.

6. If you run out of fuel, you walk, however, if you run out of the water, you die. So stock up on water, fill up your camel bag and extra bottles strapped on the bike when biking in Morocco. 

7. Use light luggage. The bike with significant cases around is not the right choice. We recommend using soft bags (giant Loop bags are great for this). Soft saddlebags are our go-to for packing. 

8. If you’re going with a tour company, make sure you know who you’re going with. There are many companies around who’s been here one or two times, and they think they know what they’re doing. Avoid those and get a local who’s experienced enough and knows the road. Let us know, and we’ll recommend a few trustful guides who are well experienced. 

9. Stay focused: The traffic in Morocco is crazy, while off the road and in rural areas it can be fun and laid back, however, keeping focused as you don’t know what comes in the next turn. A slow donkey carriage, a car without any lights, villagers were walking on the road. Murphey’s law is present here, whatever that you imagine you can find on the road, you will find on the road. 

10. Don’t worry about supplies so much; you’re not going to a zombie apocalypse, it’s just Morocco. You will find gas everywhere, and you will spot barbecue and tagine restaurants along the way. There are mechanics, and tire repair shops in all villages, plenty of grocery shops on the road, these little shops are called “Hanout” where you can buy water and snacks to keep you going. So, don’t pack your bike like it’s the end of the world. Just the necessities! 

All in all, know that you will have the best time of your life biking in Morocco. Know for sure that you won’t be leaving the same way you came to the country. You will learn a lot and grow your riding skills. From my experience, meeting and riding with all the riders here in Morocco, the second day riding here will already blow your mind for sure, however, as many of our rider friends told us, expect that once you’re back home, everything will be very dull and you’ll be craving for more Moroccan backroads.

Article written with our friend Daniel Sattler, a Master technician, Stuntman, Motorholic, and Motorguide in Morocco. 


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