Beyond Morocco Travel & Lifestyle – Coming Soon

Emergency Declaration

In light of the current crisis, we have decided to take a new direction in travel and focus on a more sustainable approach, this includes how we operate our tours and design our itineraries. 

Traveling to us is more than just a business, it is a personal undertaking that we love sharing with you. 

Our trips have always been deeper and more meaningful than the the mass touristic sightseeing tours that do more harm than good, our trips are about experiencing life with locals through developing a connection with the community (us), and the world, you; the travelers.. 

We all know how important is our world, our planet, our cultural heritage, our natural wonders, our community and our children. 

This is why we are taking some drastic measures to create some changes to the way we can travel consciously and more in line with how we want to see the future of our planet. 

We have always recommended bespoke and curated experiences that focus on local, sustainable and eco friendly products to our travelers, however due to the sensitive times we live in, we have declared a state of emergency on our planet and to make it a priority to travel consciously. Now is the perfect timing to help create a future of travel where we overcome all forms of discrimination and exploitation of people and the planet. 

Stay in touch to learn the new measures we will be taking which will change the way we travel, for the better. 

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